What distinguishes the Ionic-Pulser ® from other silver generators?

Compared to conventional devices, the Ionic-Pulser ® is independent of temperature, conductivity, water quality and the electrode surface during production. It ensures a linear silver release, so the silver release is the same for every type of water and is proportional to the production time. That means double the time = double the silver levy. Loss of concentration can occur as a result of various circumstances that cannot be influenced by the device, such as deposits on vessel surfaces or the use of unsuitable water.

Technical:A big advantage of the integrated intelligent electronics is the automatic adjustment to the conductivity of the water, so that reproducible dispersions with high accuracy in silver release and high cation content (positively charged silver ions) can be produced. This means that the devices are ideally designed for distilled water. The Ionic-Pulser ® PRO3 in particular shows its strengths here, as its starting behavior has been additionally optimized for the lowest conductivity. The enclosed special plug-in power supply with 30 V at the output and the electronics integrated in the device, which can deliver up to approx. 58 V to the electrodes, enable optimal performance.

The Ionic-Pulser ® works with pure DC voltage. This means that it does not change poles (electrode switching) and can therefore ensure more accurate silver delivery and a higher quality solution. You can find out more about this HERE .

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