The immune system is ultimately responsible for reacting to pollen and other allergy triggers, but colloidal silver is a safe way to manage allergy symptoms.
A congested, runny nose and puffy eyes are the hallmarks of allergies. Removing that discomfort is easier and safer with colloidal silver.

You should never put tap water up to your nose, and many allergy medications are difficult to purchase and have pretty hefty side effects. Rinse out your sinuses from nostril to the very back more safely with colloidal silver. (Is colloidal silver good for allergies? Here it may help with some allergy symptoms).

Neti PotA neti pot and purified water can be used to clean out mild congestion, you can add a bit of immune supporting colloidal silver if necessary to support your sinus health.

For deeper, thicker congestion, go for a full sinus flood. Using colloidal silver and a little xylitol (to make the pH more comfortable), lay upside down and let the mixture sit in your sinuses, soaking through the mucus and reaching the deepest nooks before letting it all back out. It may sound complicated, but with a Sinus Flooding Kit (available online or from your Pharmacy) and maybe a little help from a friend, at least on your first try it’s simple.

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