What strength of colloidal silver should I use?

How to Use Colloidal Silver? The typical recommendation is 1 teaspoon per day, with each teaspoon (5 ml) containing 10 parts per million (ppm) of silver or 50 mcg of silver. This amount is in keeping with the average amount of silver consumed from food and water: roughly 350 mcg per day for most people.

What Is Xylitol?

Xylitol is categorized as a sugar alcohol. Chemically, sugar alcohols combine traits of sugar molecules and alcohol molecules. Their structure allows them to stimulate the taste receptors for sweetness on your tongue. Xylitol is found in small amounts in many fruits and vegetables and is therefore considered natural. Humans even produce small quantities of it …

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Colloidal Silver for Dogs and Cats

Colloidal silver kills more than 650 different pathogens, including bacteria, fungi, moulds, viruses, mites, and in just 6 minutes after contact. This means that it is very effective in treating many skin problems such as abrasions, cuts, hard to heal wounds, increase immunity, eliminate harmful bacteria responsible for many modern diseases. At the same time, …

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