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What is Colloidal Silver and How to Use it Safely

Colloidal silver can be a very good antibacterial agent. And now that so many antibiotic-resistant pathogens exist, it is important to know about all of our effective natural options. For some, the benefits of colloidal silver can be great.
But what exactly is colloidal silver and how does it work?

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver (also known as ionic silver) is a solution containing pure water and colloids, very small particles of silver suspended in the water. Silver was used extensively in the early 20th century, but as modern chemistry took over, antibiotics were chosen more often.
Colloidal silver, as a liquid solution, can be used as a broad spectrum antibacterial agent. Silver has also been used for water purification in areas such as the International Space Station, and in bandages for wound dressings.

Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver can be used in a number of ways. I use the silver solution as the water part when making soap. When lye is added to the silver solution it turns bright silver, then dark gray before becoming completely clear. The silver is left behind in a form that is usable by the body. When you wash with soap made from colloidal silver, 99.99% of bacteria is killed and removed.

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In addition to soap making, colloidal silver can be beneficially used in the following ways:

  • an antibacterial gel using colloidal silver and aloe vera gel find it here
  • antibacterial bandages for dressing wounds
  • antibacterial throat spray
  • to support a healthy immune system
  • sprayed on sunburn to help speed healing
  • as a tonic or infection fighter

But is Colloidal Silver Safe?

Silver is completely safe to use when used within recommended limits. But there have been safety concerns raised and confusion created about colloidal silver.

Don’t people turn blue from using it?

The main concern is the bluish tinge to the skin after drinking it. This condition, called Argyria, can occur if colloidal silver is produced with impure water, impure silver, faulty equipment, or is produced as a larger size. This is when large particles of silver are deposited under the skin and get stuck in skin tissue.

Forms of Silver to Avoid

There are some forms of silver that may be harmful: silver nitrate, silver citrate, silver chloride, and mild silver protein. Mild silver protein is perhaps the most dangerous. This is usually not listed on a label. The silver particles are so large that a protein such as gelatin is needed to keep them suspended. You can check this easily enough without a lab test. Simply shake the bottle. If a foam appears, keep an eye on it for a few minutes. If it dissolves, it’s probably fine. If the foam stays for a while, then it contains proteins and you should not use it. Inferior silver may be darker due to the larger particle size or may be yellow in color.

What about Other Colloidal Products?

Colloidal copper is another liquid agent working much the same way as colloidal silver, but with different results. Copper is one of the building blocks of collagen. Collagen helps to keep our skin looking young and healthy. Copper is also essential to building red blood cells and is part of what is responsible for the color of our skin and hair. You can’t get a tan from spraying colloidal copper on your skin, but it may help your skin be more resistant to burning.
Colloidal gold has been used to enhance the delivery of drugs to difficult-to-reach areas, such as the brain or tumors. It has been used in cancer research extensively to locate tumors. For most users, it can help enhance brain function and promote a sense of general well being.
Ionic Pulser Pro 3
We use the IONIC-PULSER PRO 3 to produce high quality Colloidal Silver.
Compared to conventional devices, the Ionic-Pulser ® is independent of temperature, conductivity, water quality and the electrode surface during production. It ensures a linear silver release, so the silver release is the same for every type of water and is proportional to the production time. That means double the time = double the silver levy. Loss of concentration can occur as a result of various circumstances that cannot be influenced by the device, such as deposits on vessel surfaces or the use of unsuitable water.
Technical: A big advantage of the integrated intelligent electronics is the automatic adjustment to the conductivity of the water, so that reproducible dispersion with high accuracy in silver release and high cation content (positively charged silver ions) can be produced. This means that the devices are ideally designed for distilled water. The Ionic-Pulser ® PRO3 in particular shows its strengths here, as its starting behavior has been additionally optimized for the lowest conductivity. The enclosed special plug-in power supply with 30 V at the output and the electronics integrated in the device, which can deliver up to approx. 58 V to the electrodes, enable optimal performance.
The Ionic-Pulser ® works with pure DC voltage. This means that it does not change poles (electrode switching) and can therefore ensure more accurate silver delivery and a higher quality solution.

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